OUTAGE JANUARY 31, 2019 Dear Nexia Trane Thermostat User


 Thursday January 31st 2019 That morning we had this issue hit us here at the shop and several customers (not all) that had the Nexia Trane 824, 850 Thermostats.

The temperature would read low on the thermostat but the heat would continue to run beyond the setpoint therefore over heating the house and not shutting off at the setpoint.


We contacted the Trane Field Rep Paul Wisdom. He stated he had already had 20 calls before 9am about this. According to Nexia they did a “software push update” over the night to some of the customers and the software got corrupted as it downloaded.


As of 3 pm Thursday, we were informed by Trane a remedy to fix this. Call the affected customer tell them to go to their thermostat Menu go to Settings then press Reboot and select yes. The thermostat will restart after a short period and function correctly. No further action is required.

If you still have this issue after rebooting your thermostat, please contact me at or 842-8081 press option 1 for technical assistance.

Trane TCS Dealer

Brian Owens -  Bill Owens Heat & Air Inc


2/19/2019 Software Version 5.5 - Resuming updates

American Standard and Trane 824, 850 and 1050 smart thermostats that do not yet have version 5.5 and are connected to Wi-Fi will receive over the air upgrades beginning February 17. (Thermostats without version 5.5 will be updated over the next 2 weeks.) Version 5.5 software includes new energy saving options. A message advising homeowners about the new energy saving options will appear on each control’s home screen immediately following installation of the v5.5 upgrade. The message will only appear if scheduling was not enabled prior to the upgrade. Selecting one of the new energy savings options is as simple as pressing the option desired or pressing cancel to return to the home screen.


Federal Tax Credits on HVAC equipment have Expired.

"Brian, your guys really rock. Everything looked perfect with the installation. My wife says the new Trane unit looks pretty but I love the performance. Tell your guys, thank you for a great job." -Steve Maples
"I want to thank everyone who assisted in getting my central heating and air unit installed. Everyone was great and explained everything to me. I will definitely recommend your company to friends." -Teresa Ivey
"Brian, everything about the service your company provided during the installation of our HVAC system was top notch. We're also very happy with the performance of the new unit." -Rick Gehrke
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